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Wheatstone FM-531HD

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At NAB, Wheatstone Will Demo the Virtual Audio Services Network inside WheatNet-IP

Wheatstone’s audio network, WheatNet-IP, delivers TV audio services throughout TV facilities with greater flexibility and speed because it has a portfolio of virtualized audio services built right into it.

Wheatstone engineers virtualized almost every audio function needed for live TV including mix-minus and IFB creation, a wide variety of processing tools, audio clip playback, utility mixing, and more. In addition, they virtualized control functions to manage these services, including logic control, cross point switching, associated connections, salvo creation, macro creation, and the ability to store presets and macros.

Come to our booth N6531to see the combinations that can work for you.  


At NAB, Wheatstone will demonstrate a new networked IP audio system which adds unprecedented flexibility and control to live remote productions

Live remote productions, aka "at home" or REMI (remote-integration model) productions, are growing in popularity because they save money and enable more live productions to be created using the same staffing. At NAB, Wheatstone will demonstrate a new networked audio system based on Wheatstone's WheatNet-IP network, where super-smart interfaces, known as BLADES, can deploy dozens of audio services, as well as provide multiple control and automation capabilities. This will introduce new ways to manage and automate audio for live remote productions.

The system offers the following capabilities, which will be demonstrated at the show:

at home • AES67 connectivity with other devices (including AES67 time stamping to allow the video provider to sync audio and video if desired)

• Ability to locate the mix engine either at the remote site (where it can be controlled remotely) or at the home production center

• Multiple ways to provide local mix-minus creation at the venue side (no latency) which can come from a BLADE interface on site controllable via a local GUI on site or remotely from the home control center

• Local or remote control options (as above) for microphones, mute, mic gain control, audio processing, etc. (ex: sweeten the sound of interviewers’ mics)

• Preset utility mixers can handle intercom connections, which can be remotely adjusted – IFBs can be set up in advance through utility mixers built into every BLADE interface

• Audio events can be automatically triggered by audio (i.e. opening an announcers mic opens the panelists mics as well)

• Hot switching between audio sources (assign any remote source to any channel on your board).

• You can even save scenes on pages and be ready to go to the next remote at the push of a button

• Automatic switching to a back-up channel with silence detect

If you are involved in live remote production, we invite you to see how this remarkable audio system can better solve your audio problems.

Wheatstone’s VP of Engineering Andy Calvanese explains how the Wheatnet-IP network combines audio services and control options to optimize audio workflow:

Wheatstone Andy Video

Television Audio Consoles, Control Surfaces and Networking
Wheatstone Series Four

Wheatstone’s top-of-the-line digital mixing console includes, touchscreen control, and WheatNet-IP networking for routing and controlling audio anywhere within a TV facility with AES67 compatibility. Available in 32-fader frame sizes on up, the IP-64 owes its ease of use to several advances in design and technology not found in other fixed-location audio consoles. This 32-fader (or larger) digital mixing console is a dream machine with IP networking, operator prompts, and even a touchscreen interface that recognizes smartphone gestures. The IP-64 large-format mixing console with IP audio networking is a solid, intuitively laid out console that doesn’t require a week of console school to learn how to operate.

Wheatstone LXE

The Dimension Three TV audio console provides the best of all possible worlds, combining capabilities such as I/O layering and profiling of channels into any configuration on the surface with unlimited access of sources at any time, from anywhere and in just about any format from the network. Unlike traditional broadcast consoles with all sources wired to the board, the new Dimension Three puts mixing, I/O and processing where a modern network puts them: in a separate network unit unrestricted by tight spaces and limited access. The NEW Dimension Three Touch adds touch screens to all the panels to make controlling all its capabilities easy and intuitive. It's VERY cool.


Wheatstone's LXE console represents an entirely new approach. Every knob and switch on the console is programmable so that you can have EXACTLY the functionality you want. There are gorgeous OLEDs that give you visual feedback on how everything is functioning. THIS was the buzz at last year's NAB and IBC. Stop by booth N6531 and see how you can put it to work.


Wheatstone Series Four

Our IP networked Series Four answers the industry’s need for a professional audio console for today’s automated television studio. It’s made to work with all the popular automation systems, yet has the size, feel and features that are conducive to fast-paced live production. Unlike semi-pro recording or live reinforcement consoles, the Series Four is a professional broadcast console with the size, feel and module width needed for today’s fast-breaking news production. It has a complete tally system and true surround sound with up/down mixing between 5.1 and stereo, plus busses and mix-minus galore.

Wheatstone Talent Stations   Wheatstone WheatNet-IP
Gibraltar IP Mix Engine is the industry’s first IP network interface for a new breed of audio mixing consoles that provide never-before control and access throughout the entire studio operation. It turns select Wheatstone consoles into IP networked consoles to give you a lot more control over switching audio feeds, creating IFBs, and changing news sets or repurposing newsrooms.   The fastest, most reliable network you can get. Wheatstone has the first broadcast IP Audio Network with a built-In Control Layer. Our “Intelligent Network” design has connection points (BLADEs) so smart they seem self-aware, will configure themselves during set up and offer full redundancy. The difference it can make to TV workflow is astounding.

Phil Owens and Andy Calvanese Talk About the
Advantages of Using Wheatstone IP Audio for TV
Phil Video   Wheatstone Andy Video
Phil Owens introduces you to one of Wheatstone's TV control surfaces, and then demonstrates the creation of associated connections, an important WheatNet-IP feature that automates the routing of such things as IFBs and mix-minus feeds.   Wheatstone's VP/Technology, Andy Calvanese, discusses some of the advantages of the seamless, built-in control layer of the WheatNet-IP audio-over-IP network when used in television applications.

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Wheatstone FM-531HD

  Visit Wheatstone,
Booth N6531 at NAB 2017


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